Make Your New Profile Pic In 3 Easy Steps

so, let's get started

1. Select and upload your new profile pic.

Just choose a file and upload!

we can accept jpg, jpeg, png, gif, and bmp files smaller than 1MB.
for best results, upload the biggest version of your pic that fits these requirements.
2. Confirm a quick detail.

Below your name on your profile, how many lines of information do you have?
Click here for an example. Remember to exclude the "Edit Profile" text, only you can see that.

1 line
2 lines
3 lines

The final pic may not line up if you see "Edit Profile" on its own line. Don't worry, it looks perfect for everyone else.
If your pic doesn't look aligned to others, come back and check this step again
3. Perfect your pic!

Customize your pic to look its best!

we recommend trying to fit as much of your face into the left big window as possible.
Your eyes are nice, why not let them shine in the windows on the right!

You're done!

Just click here to download your pics.

just unzip '' and go to the Directions page to learn how to get them on Facebook!

if you have any questions, check out the Help page